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108 Red House Rd, Francestown, NH 03043, USA
108 Red House Rd Francestown New Hampshire 03043 US

We still make maple syrup the old fashioned way and hand filter our syrup. We are a small sugar shack and enjoy showing guests how maple syrup is made. We usually start tapping our trees in February and make maple syrup in March and April. Come visit us.

Maple Month 2017

We are a small sugar shack and we make maple syrup the old fashioned way. We still hand filter our maple syrup so you get the best flavor. We enjoy showing our guests a maple trees that we still hang buckets on. You can even try the sap right out of the tree, depending on the weather. You can sample our maple syrup and some maple cookies. We will have the maple syrup for sale as well as hand-made toffee made with our own maple syrup.

Saturday March 25 Hours: 10-4
Sunday March 26 Hours: 10-4

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Bruce Harrington