Carlisle Award

Carlisle Award

Jim Fadden, Fadden’s Sugar House, wins 2014 Carlisle Award

2015 Carlisle Award Winner - Jim Fadden

2014 Carlisle Award Winners and Runners UP

Carlisle Award

Jim Fadden, Fadden’s Sugar House, Woodstock

2nd Place

Bodie Peters, Sugar Hill

3rd Place

Charles Peak, New Boston
Mike LaFleur, Kaison’s Sugar House, Weare

4th Place

Mike LaFleur, Kaison’s Sugar House, Weare

5th Place

Tim Robinson, Chocorua


2014 Carlisle Award Qualified Entries

Carroll County:

2nd place – Daniel Burbank Sr, Marley’s Maple Syrup, Moultonborough

1st place – Tim Robinson, Turkey Street Maples, Chocorua

Cheshire County:

1st place – Mark Whippie, Whip’s Sugarhouse, Keene

Grafton County:

3rd place – Michael Benton, Benton’s Sugar Shack, Thornton

2nd place -Bodie Peters, Bo’s Sugar Shack, Sugar Hill

1st place -James Fadden, Fadden’s Sugarhouse, N. Woodstock

Hillsborough County:

3rd place – Charles Peak, Hillcroft Farm, New Boston

2nd place – Michael LaFleur, Kaison’s Sugar House, Weare

1st place – Peter Somero, Somero Maple Farm, New Ipswich

Merrimack County:

3rd place – Howard Pearl, Pearl and Sons Farm, Loudon

2nd place – Larry Moore, Windswept Maples, Loudon

1st place – Willie Matras, Matras Family Farm, Pittsfield

Rockingham County:

2nd place – Ken Mailhot, SappinEppin Sugar Shack, Epping

1st place – Chris Hicks, Sugarhouse at Morningstar Farm, Plaistow

Stafford County:

1st place – Josh Bouchard, Spring Harvest Maple Farm, Barrington


Download Carlisle Award Entry Form

Download Carlisle Rules

Interested in winning the Carlisle Award? Now is the time to start thinking about it. The Lawrence A. Carlisle Memorial Trophy is awarded annually by the NHMPA for excellence in production of maple syrup. This award is made in recognition of the outstanding service and devotion of Lawrence A. Carlisle to the welfare and development of the Maple Industry of New Hampshire.

Participation is open to paid members of the NHMPA only. Limit of one entry per sugarhouse. Entries must be submitted in a 2# unmarked honey jar and brought to a board member who will deliver them to the judging ahead of the Summer meeting. An entry form must accompany all submissions. Deadline for entries is May 15. Please contact your nearest board member to get your syrup to them in time.

Judging for the preliminary round will be conducted by one member of the NH Dept. of Agriculture and two NHMPA members that are not participating in the contest. There will be three finalists from each county that will be announced at the Summer Meeting. No monetary awards will be given at the preliminary level. Please Download Complete Rules before entering.

Samples can be retrieved at the Summer Meeting. Otherwise, you will need to make arrangements with the board member with whom you submitted your entry to pick it up from them.