Hillsborough County



Ben’s Sugar Shack
Ben Fisk
83 Webster Highway
Temple, NH 03084
Maple Products: Maple syrup, maple candy & maple cream. Mail orders accepted.Visit our website.
Brookview SugarhousePatrick & Sara Kenney

154 Gage Rd.
Wilton, NH 03086

Maple Products: Maple syrup
Cilley’s Sugar HouseSkip & George Cilley

532 Pleasant Pond Rd.
Francestown, NH 03043

Maple products: syrup and sugar year round; maple candy in the spring & at Christmas time. Mail orders accepted.
Grant Family Pond View MaplesDave & Kate Richards

224 Mount Dearborn Road
Weare, NH 03281

Maple products: Syrup of all grades year round, maple sugar & pepper, During maple season we offer maple cream.We also do a ton of wedding favors, large company orders shipped all over the world

Visit our website.

Hunt’s Sugar HouseCharles & Teresa Hunt

28 Gleason Falls Rd.
Hillsborough, NH 03244

Maple Products: Syrup, candy, maple cream, dry sugar.
Kaison’s Sugar House Michael Lafleur
75 Forest Rd
Weare NH 03281
Maple products: Maple syrup for sale year round, maple candy during sugaring season
Longview Forest ProductsBill & Carol Eva

107 Longview Road
Hancock, NH 03449


Maple products: syrup.
Mail orders welcome.
Maple Butternut Farm
James Dane
184 Francestown Rd.
New Boston, NH 03070
Maple Products: Syrup.
Mt. Crumpit Farm,
Dale Smith
207 Lull Rd
New Boston, NH 03070
Maple products: syrup. Sugaring the old way.
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Natures Sweet Secret Sugarhouse41 Tirrell Hill
Goffstown NH 03045
Maple products: Assorted syrup grades, maple candy, maple popcorn, maple fudgeVisit Our Website

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Old Pound Road Sugar HouseCharles Levesque,
37 Old Pound Road
Antrim, NH 03440


Maple Products: Syrup. Mail Orders Welcome.
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Parker’s Maple BarnRonald & Sandra Roberts
1316 Brookline Rd.

Mason, NH 03048

Maple Products: syrup, candy, granulated sugar, maple roasted coffee, gift baskets. Mail orders welcome.
E-mail us or Visit our website.
Sawyer’s Maple Farm
Jonathan Sawyer
167 Poor Farm Rd.
New Ipswich, NH 03071
Maple products: syrup, cream, sugar candy & maple coated nuts.Visit our website.
The Maple Guys Sugar Shack
Chris Pfeil
146 Schoolhouse Road
Lyndeborough, NH 03082
Maple products: Maple Syrup.
Mail orders welcome.
Visit our website.