Merrimack County



Beaver Meadow Brook FarmDon & Barbara Lassonde
402 Route 103 East
Warner, NH 03278
Maple products: syrup in plastic & glass.E-mail us.
Catamount Valley Sugar HouseWillie & Asa Matras
821 Catamount Rd.
Pittsfield, NH 03263
Maple Products: Pure maple syrup in all size containers,maple candy. Visitors welcome when open.
CorlissFarm Sugarhouse411 Shaker Road
Northfield, NH 03276
Courser Farm 319 Schoodac Road
Warner NH 03278
Maple Products: Maple syrup for sale
Hutchinson Family Sugar House Brian Hutchinson
271 Hackleboro Road
Canterbury, NH 03224
Maple products: maple syrup in plastic, tin & glass, maple cream & candy in season. Mail orders welcome.
Journey’s End Maple FarmMarty & Anne Boisvert
295 Loudon Rd.
Pittsfield, NH 03263
Maple products: syrup in plastic & glass, and will ship anywhere.Visit our website.
Kimball’s Sugarhouse Chris & Sarah Kimball
390 Whiteplains Rd
Webster NH 03303
Maple products: syrup for sale year round call for availability.Email Us
Ledge Top Sugar HouseDave Boudrias & Dona Drapeau
25 Oak Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
Maple products: syrup, maple coffee, specialty gift baskets, and maple barbecue sauce.Mail orders welcome.
Visit our website.
Maple Ridge Sugar House Kathleen Hayes or James Brown
276 Loudon Ridge Rd
Loudon, NH 03301603-435-7474
Maple products: Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, maple Jelly, Maple Butter, Sugar Candy, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Popcorn and Lollipops.Email UsVisit our WebsiteLike us on Facebook
Mapletree Farm, LLCDean & Meg Wilber
99 Oak Hill Rd.
Concord, NH 03301
Tel.: 603-224-0820 or Fax: 228-4800
Maple products: syrup, cream, crystals (Indian sugar), candy, maple-coated nuts, custom gift boxes. Mail orders welcome.E-mail usVisit our Website.
Merrill FarmEd & Kiko Merrill
307 Smith Hill Rd.
West Franklin, NH 03235
Maple products: syrup.Mail orders welcome.
Mudgett Hill Mumbling MaplersKim Bean
225 Mudgett Hill Road
Loudon, NH 03301
Maple products: syrup & candy.Mail orders welcome.
Page’s Sap ShedStuart Page
575 Lower Ridge Road
Loudon, NH 03307
Maple products: syrup.Mail orders welcome.
Pearl & Sons FarmHoward Pearl
409 Loudon Ridge Road
Loudon, NH 03307
603-435-6587 or 435-6883
Maple products: syrup, candies & cream. Mail orders welcome.
Red Roof Maples Russell Lampron
7064 Pleasant St. Ext.
Loudon, NH 03307
Maple Products: Pure maple syrupEmail Us
Rogers Maple Syrup133 Couchtown Rd.
Warner, NH 03278
Maple products: Pure maple syrup, maple cream and candy
Rossview FarmWayne Ross
84 District 5 Road
Concord, NH 03303
Maple products: Syrup for sale, Farmstand in SeasonEmail Us
Sunnyside Maples
Richard & Elaine Moore
1089 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH

Mailing address:

554 Meadow Pond Rd.
Gilmanton, NH 03237
603-783-9961 or 267-8217 or 783-0321

Maple products: syrup, sugar, maple mustard & maple seasonings.We also sell sapping suppliesMail orders welcome.Email us Like us on FacebookVisit Our Website
Tamarack Farm
Jim & Sue Snyder
125 Asby Road
Canterbury, NH 03224
Maple products: syrup, cream, candy. Mail orders welcome.Visit our website.E-mail us.
Tucker Mountain Maple, LLC
Eric Johnson
224 Tucker Mtn. Rd.
Andover, NH 03216
Maple products: syrup. Mail orders welcome
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Turyn’s Tap’n & Sap’n
Matt & Katie Turyn
11 Clough Sanborn Hill Road
Webster, NH 03303
[email protected]
Maple products: syrup. 
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Two Taps Sap HouseSteve & April Colarusso
917 Rte. 129
Loudon, NH 03307
Maple syrup for sale
Windswept Maples FarmLarry & Melissa Moore
845 Loudon Ridge Rd.
Loudon, NH 03307
Maple products: syrup, cream & sugar. Mail orders welcome.Visit our website.