Press Releases and News

Press Releases and News

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July 21, 2015

Members of the NHMPA,

The Board of Directors of the NHMPA would like to announce the appointment of the new Directors and Officer. Jim Fadden of N Woodstock has been appointed as interim President filling out the remainder of Bodie Peters’ term. David Westover of Walpole, Chris Olsen of Portsmouth and Nick Kosko of Union have been appointed to fill out the terms of Tim Robinson, Brad Presby and Dee Linn.

The Board would like to extend a big thank you to all the recently retired members of the Board. They have contributed many years of service and a lot of knowledge during their tenure. The NHMPA Board will continue on with the good work and strive to move the Association to a new level of service to the membership and the maple community.

Please contact any of the directors with comments or concerns.

Thank you,

The NHMPA Board of Directors

Jim Fadden, President – 381-9824                              Ben Fisk – 562-6595

Dale Smith, Vice President – 325-5900                       Nick Kosko – 842-0416

Bruce Treat, Treasurer – 496-1671                            Chris Olsen – 988-6174

Skip Cilley – 562-5496                                     Howard Pearl – 231-1482

David Westover – 756-4358

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February 19, 2015


Governor Hassan & Jim FaddenJames Fadden, Jr., along with his father, James, Sr. and his son James, were all honored Thursday, February 19, with separate proclamations from the NH Senate and the NH House in recognition of their unprecedented 7th win of the Lawrence A. Carlisle Memorial Trophy awarded by the NH Maple Producers Association. Senator Jeff Woodburn announced the proclamation on the Senate floor. Former NHMPA President Peter Thomson made a ceremonial presentation of the coveted Carlisle cup to the Faddens before the entire Senate with several Board members from the NH Maple Producers present in the gallery. A second proclamation was issued to the Faddens by Speaker Jasper in his office with former Speaker Gene Chandler, other state representatives and the NHMPA entourage also present. Governor Hassan also gave her congratulations to the Faddens in a private Press Releases and News Speaker Chandler & Jim Faddengathering in the Executive Council chambers.
James Fadden, Jr. of Fadden’s Sugar House in North Woodstock, NH was awarded the 2015 Carlisle Award by the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association on January 24, 2015 at the NHMPA annual meeting. The Fadden family has won the award 7 times for the finest quality maple syrup produced in the NH beating out 9 other entrants chosen for the final matchup. More information on the contest is available at
The Lawrence A. Carlisle Memorial Trophy is awarded annually by the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association for excellence in production of maple syrup. This award is made in recognition of the outstanding service and devotion of Lawrence A. Carlisle to the welfare and development of the Maple Industry of New Hampshire. 




NH Syrup Production Near Average in 2014

A survey of members of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association indicated a 90% crop produced for the 2014 season. Non vacuum producers experienced a 30-50% decrease in production while vacuum producers averaged an 80-100% crop. The trend among larger producers was an increase in taps set while many smaller producers maintained or decreased taps in the 2014 season as compared to the 2013 season.

Cold weather conditions extending deeply into the prime sugaring time for New Hampshire caused many producers to remain frozen out much later than other years. This year, start times were fragmented into three time frames. In the southern part of the state, temperatures followed the average starting time for boiling, starting in around February 23, with February 18 as the earliest reported date. A break from a persistent frigid weather pattern created sap flow for producers using gravity fed vacuum or buckets, allowing an average start date of March 12. The northern part of the state reported an average start date of March 29, with the latest start date of April 6.

The season ended for most producers around April 12, with some sugar makers experiencing their last boil as early as April 6, and others as late as April 22.

All grades of syrup were made this year with Grade A Dark Amber creating the majority of the syrup, followed closely by Grade A Medium Amber, with Grade B and Grade A Light reported in lesser proportions. A minor amount of Commercial grade syrup was reported.

Overall, the season’s production was nearly a full crop. The persistence of cold weather was instrumental in creating some of the deficit experienced by shortening the season for some producers by 30-50%, but more evidently by limiting sap flow for producers who do not implement vacuum systems in their sugar bush.