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BCT Sugarhouse.jpg
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3 Hop Kiln Road, Bow, NH, United States
1-99 Hop Kiln Road Bow New Hampshire 03304 US

Treats Sugarhouse has five small maple orchards totaling 700 taps. It is one of few operations to only tap sugar maples. No red maple sap is collected. The maple sap is harvested during late winter through early spring, with peak flow always occurring close to the spring equinox. The sugar maples are tapped with the smallest diameter tap available and connected to gravity and natural vacuum tubing systems that carry to the sap to field tanks. The sap is collected and processed every day it runs. It is filtered and concentrated via reverse osmosis before being boiled down to maple syrup on a wood fired evaporator. Visitors are always welcome for a hands on experience of any phase of the operation.

Maple Month 2017

Sugar House Tours and free maple syrup tasting of numerous production run from several different area sugarhouses.

Saturday March 11 Hours: 10AM – 5PM
Sunday March 12 Hours: 1PM – 5PM

Saturday March 18 Hours: 10AM – 5PM
Sunday March 19 Hours: 1PM – 5PM

Saturday March 25 Hours: 10AM – 5PM
Sunday March 26 Hours: 11AM – 5PM

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Bruce C Treat
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